Stuart Bell

Calm Waters Center for Children and Families (CW) is a non-profit agency whose mission is helping children and families in their grief journey caused by death, divorce or other family loss. Grief support groups are led by trained volunteers and facilitators who display extraordinary compassion, empathy and understanding. Volunteers donate their time several evenings per week to provide the support that our grieving participants need to better help them cope. That is why we believe Stuart Bell deserves the Helping Oklahoma Award. Stuart understands what they are going through because he has experienced more than his share of grief. He is one of our most dedicated and loyal volunteers and we believe he is deserving of this honor.
Stuart has volunteered with CW for nineteen years, spending 1-3 nights per week facilitating teen groups. Because of his dedication and donation of more than 5,000 hours, he is a past recipient of CW Volunteer Award and was the first Volunteer Hall of Fame recipient.
In addition to facilitating groups, he is a past member of CW Board. He is a true servant leader who has the ability to facilitate healing and growth in grieving teens.
Stuart willingly shares his traumatic life experiences with his group. It is an extremely powerful account of one man’s tragedies. He does this not to evoke sympathy but to induce hope and to let each individual know that they are not alone in their own personal grief journey.
Stuart’s parents divorced when he was only four and several years later, his father died of cirrhosis of the liver. In 1997, soon after he and his longtime girlfriend broke up, Stuart totaled his car and then, his roommate and best friend died of an aneurysm. At that time, he started having “blind spots” in his peripheral vision and learned that he had a brain tumor. Several months after surviving the removal of the tumor, Stuart had to have surgery on his aortic valve in his heart!
Stuart credits surviving all of the above to God and HIS work for him. He states, “I realized I was here for some other reason than living my life just for me. And I still live like that. It’s something that fills my soul, and it truly completes me as a human being. I’m really, truly blessed that I got involved with such a super organization”.
Stuart is the type of volunteer that every agency longs to have within their ranks. He is generous with his time and with his financial support. Not many individuals would spend their leisure time doing what he has done for CW but that’s Stuart, someone you can always count on.
In conclusion, Stuart has overcome a multitude of personal tragedies and believes his life’s experiences have prepared him to help others who are going through grief.
Please accept this nomination of Stuart Bell as the deserving recipient of the 2017 HELPING OKLAHOMA Award for his dedication, service and compassion for hurting teenagers who need hope.

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