Justin Few

Justin Few became a member of Pride In McAlester (PIM), a 501(c)3 organization and Keep America Beautiful affiliate, in 2009 and has served as President of the Board of Directors since 2011. Under Justin’s leadership, the organization has grown to empower more than 500 volunteers who contribute thousands of hours of service to the community annually. In addition to leading the board and membership meetings, Justin dedicates several hours each week to oversight, planning, and project development.

Justin’s dedicated work led to the establishment of the McAlester Recycling Center in 2010, the first comprehensive opportunity for the residents of the city to recycle goods such as plastic, aluminum, cardboard, paper, and glass. In 2016, Justin began the coordinated effort with city leaders to further expand and improve recycling, during which a design has been established that looks to achieve the established goals and vision. He worked with the Choctaw Nation Going Green program and Will Rogers Elementary School to develop a system for classroom recycling for students in grades 1st through 4th, with hopes that this system can be replicated in other area schools.

His redesign of the annual Fall and Spring Cleanups has grown the collection of bulk waste, tires, brush, electronics, metal, household hazardous waste and prescription drugs to more than one million pounds a year. Since his presidency began in 2011, PIM has helped citizens responsibly dispose of nearly five million pounds of waste from their homes. His countless volunteer hours and planning have a direct impact on the cleanliness, safety, and health of the community.

Also in 2011, Justin Few implemented the Community Volunteer Days program that calls for volunteers to complete a project in the city each month. The projects range in scope and include litter pickups, planting projects, clean stormwater promotion, and paint programs. The Community Volunteer Days have improved numerous city parks, streets, historic districts, and schools. Justin regularly identifies community areas in need, helps coordinate donations, and attends the volunteer days, often taking on the most difficult tasks to be completed.

Justin regularly presents about green issues to civic organizations and works with city, state, and tribal leaders to discuss the importance of sustainability in our communities. He also helps educate citizens of all ages about pollinators, recycling, and clean water.

This year, PIM has relaunched an Adopt-A-Block program in the city after Justin arranged to have the program transferred out of a different organization’s oversight. The program had been neglected due to change in leadership and Justin’s coordination has brought it back to life. Already, fourteen families, organizations, and businesses have signed up to the program in order to pick up litter and beautify a designated section of city streets. Justin and his family were the first to sign up for the program when it restarted.

With only one employee, Pride In McAlester depends upon Few’s guidance, direction, and enthusiasm in order to fulfill its mission. He leads by example and his vision and commitment produces tangible and meaningful results for the city.

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