Dr. Ann Caine

Dr. Ann Caine is a servant leader dedicated to educating and making opportunities for growth available to Oklahoma’s youth. For 36 years, Dr. Caine invested in the children of our state as a teacher, principal and administrator, recently retiring from her career in education as superintendent of Stillwater Public Schools. She currently serves as the Director of Education Leadership for the Oklahoma School Boards Association.

Dr. Caine extends her work educating and inspiring Oklahoma students through her volunteerism with the Oklahoma Hall of Fame. As chairman of the museum program committee, she led staff and her fellow board members through a $1 million renovation to the Gaylord-Pickens Museum, home of the Oklahoma Hall of Fame. It was the first major renovation to the Museum since its opening in 2007 and provided a dynamic new permanent exhibit and features to enhance the visitor experience. After countless hours of work, the immersive “Picture Yourself” exhibit was unveiled in November of 2016 and has transformed the opportunities available for Oklahomans of all ages to be part of our state’s story.

This exhibit provided a wave of renewed interest in the Gaylord-Pickens Museum and, in turn, has enabled the organization to inspire more Oklahomans than ever with the powerful stories of our state’s people. The renovations and subsequent new programs ignited a 303% increase in attendance at the Gaylord-Pickens Museum and a 793% increase in free family programming. Picture Yourself encourages visitors to imagine themselves as astronauts, athletes, scientists, artists, surgeons, civic leaders, and more. The exhibit allows visitors of all ages to dream of the ways that they, like Oklahomans before them, can better our state, our nation and our world.

In addition to her work with the Oklahoma Hall of Fame, Dr. Caine devotes her time to organizations that also work to improve education and train leaders for our state. These organizations include the Oklahoma County Metropolitan Library Commission, Leadership Oklahoma and CARE.

It is evident through her work that Dr. Caine is committed to making Oklahoma a better place for all. She joins the Oklahoma Hall of Fame in sharing the belief that there are no limits to what is possible for the people of our state. Through each of her volunteer commitments, Dr. Caine equips Oklahomans to change the world by creating opportunities for education and inspiration.

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