Catherine White

I would like to nominate Catherine White, who is on staff at Central Baptist Church, Muskogee, Oklahoma, as she is the Parish Nurse or Faith Community Nurse (FCN) who oversees the FCN Ministry at the church. For the past 4.5 years she has served her congregation, persons participating in the Bridges Out Of Poverty, Doorways of Hope, Celebrate Recovery, Connors State College Associate Degree Nursing Students as an adjunct clinical faculty member, the Aldis grocery store, Feed the Hungry program, and persons who come as unannounced persons needing food, prayer, active listening. She oversees the feeding program along with three clinics- Dental Clinic for extractions and deep cleaning, Denture Clinic for partial/full sets of dentures, and the Vision Clinic for three patients each month. The recipients of the clinics' services are also expected to "work the program", i.e., be faithfully in attendance at the faith-based recovery programs (Doorways, Celebrate Recovery, Bridges out of Poverty) for added support in recovering from habits, hurts and hang-ups. Those who "work the program" along with receiving better dental and vision health are assisted in finding their place in the workforce. Catherine makes home visits, hospital and nursing home visits to congregants using the skills of the FCN specialty. As of Feb. 5 to May 7, she is enlisting 50 participants who agree to have their blood pressures taken each week as part of the Battle for the Heart AHA research project to prevent strokes, heart attacks and death and promote a healthy lifestyle for these Oklahomans in faith-based settings. All of her hours in the office, attending meetings, writing reports, doing visitation, working with nursing students are as an unpaid volunteer.
Her education preparation includes graduation from Thomas Jefferson University Hospital School of Nursing, Temple University (B.S. Ed), Columbia University (M.A. Nsg) and post-graduate work at UCLA-SanFrancisco.
She enjoys her work because she sees the ministry as a passion that is making significant differences in body, soul and spirit in those who receive her services. The activities for which volunteer service she provides and showing the hours involved are: picking up Aldis grocery items every Monday afternoon, taking the items to the church to weigh them, log them in on the report, put them on shelves or freezer, write the report to send to the Tulsa office (approx. 4-5 hours); work with Connors nursing students every Tuesday and Thursday (4 hours each session) to instruct them on "Faith Community Nurse Specialty and Spiritual Care"; Denture Clinic every other Wednesday evening (2.5 hours each session); Dental Clinic one Saturday a month (4-5 hours each); overseeing the meal preparation the 4th Saturday each month for the Doorways of Hope (4-5 hrs); office hours, meetings, transportation of clients to clinics and to church, Doorways of Hope, etc are many extra hours added to the volunteer responsibilities. Mrs. White would appreciate your consideration of this application and entering this contest has been an exciting experience.

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